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Donate car - 3 steps
How to donate a car
Donate your car today! Donate your car today!
Donate your car today! Donate your car today!
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Donate your car to our registered non-profit charity organization. Help some underprivileged Jewish children with a meal or clothes.
Donate car
and help out a child
    Why Donate?
  • You get Free Towing even if car is not operating.
  • Everything is done hassle free
  • Donate car and avail of tax benefits
  • Donate car and help needy children.

Donate Now!

Donate car instead of selling it:

Donate a car and support our many charitable activities. You will find that it is better to donate your car, instead of spending money and time repairing it. In fact you can also donate your car if it is not in running condition. You don’t have to pay for any towing; everything is done hassle free. You just have to fill out a form to donate a car and we will be sending our representative to collect the car in 2-3 days time. When you donate a car, you not only get rid of your car, you also feel good for having helped a charity.

It’s time to donate your car when it consumes too much fuel:

There comes a point in the life of your car, when you feel that you seem to be spending more and more for its repairs as the days go by. One day, it’s the engine that is giving problems and the other day, the fuel tank. Day by day, you spend money trying to repair a car that does not seem to get repaired. You have to spend money not only on repairing the car, but there may also be some days where the car just stops in the middle of nowhere, wherein you will have to pay for recurring towing charges and additional mechanical charges.

This is when you know that you really have to get rid of your car. The car may also consume more of fuel, as with its usage and repairs, cars tend to give less mileage and consume more fuel. You finally end up spending money in never-ending repairs and in unnecessary fuel, which may exceed the value of your car. So instead of spending so much money, it is high time that you considered donating your car.

You may sell the car; but if the car is really in bad shape you may feel guilty one day of selling a lemon to the buyer. However, by donating your car, you feel contented and pleased with the fact that you have helped some needy children with a meal or clothes with the money generated through your old car.

Hear it from one of our donors:

I cannot believe how easy this process was.  The towing Co said they'd be here between 3 & 6 PM today  and they just picked up my van.
Thank you.

-Ann B., Bronxville, NY

Donate car - get tax benefits and a feeling of contentment!

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